IU (Lee Ji-eunIU) will always talk to your heart

Listening to IU’s song Lullaby always gets to me. Forget about the language barrier (there are plenty of sties that can help you with this), the tone of her voice accompanied by the instruments is enough to bring anyone to tear’s. Yes, BTS and Blackpink are everywhere but no one (Especially in Asia) can deny that IU is the ultimate!

Artist: 아이유 (IU) Song: 자장가 (Lullaby)(English Translation) – Album: Love poem Year: 2019… 

You said you wouldn’t wait You said you wouldn’t cry It’s already too late Oh, it’s a very long goodbye

Can we stay like this for a second? Yeah, it’s a dream that will be forgotten Close your eyes I will put you to your last sleep

My lullaby Baby Sweet Goodnight You won’t have a scary dream Your long, never-ending days Let them go now

Should I hug you silently? Your dream is coming to an end Relax. I’ll sing you the last song

My lullaby baby Sweet good night You won’t have a scary dream Your endless long sorrows Let them go now

Until your tired breath from lack of sleep gradually diminishes I’ll protect your noisy night

I’ll be nearby Baby Sweet Goodnight I’ll always be there for you And the past days you can’t meet anymore Let go of them now

My edelweiss Baby Sweet good bye You can forget everything It’s all right. It’s all right. Let it go… 

You can listen to IU’s lullaby on your favorite steaming service. For us, we play IU’s music daily on Apple Music

Let us know what’s your favorite IU song!!!

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