XG (Xtraordinary Girls) – The K-pop group that can do it all

If you are looking for A girl group that is from Japan that sings/raps in English and is based in Korea as one of the more well known K-pop group then XG is your group. Unique voice and shocking rap verses coming from unlikely places, XG has found a unique path to K-pop success.

With Shooting Star and Left Right from their latest Comeback , XG is going to be a group to watch….More reviews definitely to come!

NewJeans lives in our head, rent free

I remember listening to Attention and Hype Boy (videos below) in the Fall of 22 and not one of my friends knew who it was or really cared. I mean why would they. NewJeans was just a new group and powerhouses such as ITZY, Blackpink, TWICE, just to name a few had some memorable comebacks. If I didnt mention your ult group, forgive me as I am just typing away. For me, NewJeans felt different very early on. From the absence to a rapper, no real lead singer, no real visual, and beats and voices that bring me back to my childhood days, NewJeans was my personal Time Machine.

Fast forward to 2023 and no one can deny the presence that NewJeans has in the K-pop word and now the world. From the hypnotic and soothing instruments and vocals of DITTO to the feel good (make you want to dance) banger OMG; This group checks off all the boxes including giving me that “back in the day feeling”

We have been loving NewJeans since day one and we are thrilled that the world is beginning to feel the same way.

A historic night for Asian Football


An historic day in Asia and in Asia sports. Japan will play Croatia at 10:00 am EST followed by South Korea and Brazil at 2:00 pm EST in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. If both teams were to win (would rock the sports world), that would set up a match between the two in the final 4.

Korea Times

Starting the 2nd half. Japan tup 1-0. Here we go!!!

Equalizer score by Croatia in the 55th min. 1-1

Japan losing in a shootout. What an amazing match.

IU (Lee Ji-eun) voice is straight from heaven

There is a good chance that if you are not a Kpop fan, your experience with the genre is Psy (Gangnam Style) and BTS. Im not saying thats a bad when Psy and Saga from BTS comes up with a banger such this That That…

Can you think of a better concert atmosphere than this!!!

But please allow me to broaden your experience and introduce Lee Ji-eun or better known as IU. This is a voice that comes straight from heaven. Yes, its in Korean and you won’t understand 90% of the song (song English is mixed in with the lyrics) but its just the same as when you listen to you favorite reggae, carribean, or Spanish artist. Seriously though, just listen to the first words she blesses us with…

In front of a crowd of 100,000 people

IU is a special voice and a special spirit. For Kpop fans she is close to royalty. For fans of music, she is a must listen.

Visit IU’s page on Apple Music to start listening to this voice from Heaven.