XG (Xtraordinary Girls) – The K-pop group that can do it all

If you are looking for A girl group that is from Japan that sings/raps in English and is based in Korea as one of the more well known K-pop group then XG is your group. Unique voice and shocking rap verses coming from unlikely places, XG has found a unique path to K-pop success.

With Shooting Star and Left Right from their latest Comeback , XG is going to be a group to watch….More reviews definitely to come!

A historic night for Asian Football


An historic day in Asia and in Asia sports. Japan will play Croatia at 10:00 am EST followed by South Korea and Brazil at 2:00 pm EST in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. If both teams were to win (would rock the sports world), that would set up a match between the two in the final 4.

Korea Times

Starting the 2nd half. Japan tup 1-0. Here we go!!!

Equalizer score by Croatia in the 55th min. 1-1

Japan losing in a shootout. What an amazing match.