NewJeans lives in our head, rent free

I remember listening to Attention and Hype Boy (videos below) in the Fall of 22 and not one of my friends knew who it was or really cared. I mean why would they. NewJeans was just a new group and powerhouses such as ITZY, Blackpink, TWICE, just to name a few had some memorable comebacks. If I didnt mention your ult group, forgive me as I am just typing away. For me, NewJeans felt different very early on. From the absence to a rapper, no real lead singer, no real visual, and beats and voices that bring me back to my childhood days, NewJeans was my personal Time Machine.

Fast forward to 2023 and no one can deny the presence that NewJeans has in the K-pop word and now the world. From the hypnotic and soothing instruments and vocals of DITTO to the feel good (make you want to dance) banger OMG; This group checks off all the boxes including giving me that “back in the day feeling”

We have been loving NewJeans since day one and we are thrilled that the world is beginning to feel the same way.